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Learn to Paint -Anyone Can
for Kids and Adults
Mornington Peninsula

  • Do I need any experience to attend any of the classes?
    Not at all, all the classes & workshops are suitable for beginners or novice painters. Each process is taught step by step, which allows you to follow quite easily.
  • Will I finish a painting in a session?
    Yes, absolutely! (unless you are slow as a snail) I show you step by step how to achieve this, if you can let go a bit and follow along you will go home with a gorgeous, finished painting, ready to hang on your wall or gift to a friend!
  • "But I can't draw a stick figure""
    I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say this. What I can tell you is the results speak for themselves, just take a look at some of the many images around my website or on any of the social media sites:
  • Do I complete any artworks in the weekly courses?
    Yes, absolutely! You will learn to paint while completing your very own artworks. Each course is designed for you to finish 3-4 pieces. There may be some homework.
  • Is your studio wheelchair friendly?
    Although the entrance is accessible, there are no disabled bathroom facilities at the Mornington studio. The shopping centre is right behind us though.
  • Are parents required to stay in the kids classes?
    It is preferable for parents to drop off and pick up, parents and siblings are welcome to come into the room at the end of the lesson to view their child's work. This avoids any disruptions and congestion in the room.
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